Make an appointment for a treatment

The treatments of Kaizen Project are only on appointment. No treatments on Wednesday & Sunday.

Please fill in the questionnaire so I can help you even better during our consult.

Make your appointment here

Practical guidelines

1. Set your intentions on what you want to achieve or guided with during the therapy

These questions might help you:

    What do I really need from this session?

    What is limiting my freedom?

    Why did I make the decision to take the appointment?

    Why is the appointment today? (Not 5 years ago, or 5 years later?)

2. Please take comfortable clothes (especially a comfortable short to free up the knees) with you

3. Open your heart & mind and put your trust in your own body.

4. Be there on time: only ring the bell at the exact time.

 When you’re early, please kindly wait in the car or send me a message on whatsapp that you’re here.


When you're more than 15' late the treatment will be canceled & need to be rebooked.

I gladly give my time of service to you, but only if you're here on time. (if not the same rule as a cancellation applies & you'll be charged € 25)

5. Cancellation is approved up until 24h in advance. A late notice or forgotten appointment unfortunately will be charged € 25.

If you cannot come, I understand you have your reasons, but please respect the space & time that could be given to someone else in need of help.

 Yours truly,

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